Monday, October 01, 2007


Lanny and I both had the same idea today. Check out Owatonna. Lanny sent me the photos of the river when it's low. Looks like it could be some fun when the river drops down. Something to watch for sure.

This last photo Lanny took this morning. As you can see there isn't much evidence of the straight dam behind the horseshoe dam.


Lanny said...

Nora, post thos pics of the Straight that I sent you, I will go down and test those waters when the levels get back in, they look doable when you are in person, photos dont do justice, granted it would be at best but if I can throw a couple of ends it would be a sucess, if better paddlers could do more, it might be ammo for more structured steps for attraction to their dother citys thinking about wrecking dams, shoot it would only take 3-4 nice holes to bring in a crowd on a decent weekend of water levels.

Nora said...

Let me know when you head back there...I'll meet you there. If they only had Whitewater play in mind when they created the ladder they could have had a great opportunity. Most people don't have a clue that whitewater parks even exist. I guess it should be a mission for paddlers everytime they see a good location to let the city know. Thanks for getting those phtos!