Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Camera

I bought the Cannon Rebel XTi, 10.1 megapixels. Things didn't work out for me to head up north today so Sunday I'll be giving it a good try out. I have 10 days to decide to keep it or return it and try out the new Nikon that's coming out this weekend.

It's good to report that my injury has been upgraded from "really ugly" to "better, but far from pretty" by my therapist. Believe me I tried to get the go ahead from both the Dr. and Physical Therapist to start exercising but both have said just rest...don't use it. They're most likely right judging by the way it feels. The prime paddling is passing by right now but if I push it I might miss more than just the begining of the season and that would be bad. I'm really stoked to try this new camera out! The only down side to it is that it's not waterproof and days like today just won't do. My waterproof is due back from being repaired next week. I did notice that Olympus has a new waterproof out that's 7 megapixels and waterproof to 22 feet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon.

Well it's prime paddling this week with everything opening up. Needless to say I am really depressed about this as my injury isn't responding to treatment. My therapist says it's "really ugly". Now I can sit and mope about this but if there's one thing I've learned in life is that when something like this happens it's for a reason. Not meaning to preach but sometimes when God throws a rock in your path it's only because He wants you to change directions. I have been planning to get into more photography and maybe this is the route to take at least until I'm fixed. Things at work will definately have to change also otherwise I'll be injured again in no time. Good news is I can still rollerblade! I've been out twice now for a short 6 miles each day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yeeeer OUT!

Well I'm out of paddling for 2 weeks due to a pinched nerve in my back that I've had for a month or so. Really upsetting as I have been doing all I can to avoid this so when spring sprung I'd be ready. The river is at a beautiful level for playing...I hope it hold this level until I can get out there. My therapist wants me to exercise. She suggested swimming...hee...hee...kayaking is alot easier but then the water in the pool is alot warmer.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thoreau T Shirt Design

I never know where inspiration will come from next. This saying I found on a card this morning at the coffee shop.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


There is definitely Zen in kiting! Everyday is different. Life would be so boring if nothing ever changed. There is a peacefulness about gliding over snow with one hand lightly resting on your bar. It's hard to describe in words but it feels very natural to me. The other night was probably some of the best wind I experienced. Constant and without shifting and anything I wanted from it, it gave. Today was a day of building and surprises. The wind increased as the day went on as my energy decreased. That figures. The surprise was a spot in the middle of the lake that had a swirl effect. It took your kite and swirled and dropped it. I thought it was just me until Tim hit the same place and his foil swirled and dropped also. Later in the afternoon the boys threw up a smaller kite which worked great for the wind we had. By then I had packed my kite and was just helping out. This weekend is quite the puzzle as to what to do. No wind is forcast so kiting is going to be a bust. I don't think the snow is going to last on Pepin thru the weekend. The Verm was still iced as of last night. If that doesn't open I guess the only thing is to go to Welch and ski what ever snow is left on the hill. It was a great day today!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Third Full Day Kiting!

Well I took vacation and met a group of kiters out of Lake City today. The wind was great with a few good gusts. It was really ripping down the middle of the river! Fresh deep snow...beautiful sunny day! I had a rough start dropping an edge on my ski and crashing. My chicken loop let go and the kite flagged out to the end of the 100% depower line. Dang that line tangles easy! Well then I got it going again. Had lots of fun FAST rides in. Even my first bonafied faceplant! A gust off the point caught me wrong and whamo. As deep as the snow was it was all just fun! I came to the conclusion that I suck on turns. Well when I said that to Pete he suggested I turn my skis before my kite and presto I was turning alot better! Thanks Pete! I feel time is running out fast on this new sport and I can't get enough time in. My thoughts are that the Verm is going to start running next weekend and that'll be all of kiting until I start in the summer. Fun day all around!