Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love and the Lower Louis

Love and fascination. There is a difference but it's better when it comes together. There are many rivers I love in different degrees for many different reasons. I now find myself fascinated by the Lower Louis. Why? Who knows...it's just caught my fancy and when this happens I consider it an adventure to savor. Bit by bit I look forward to learning more about this river. Memorial weekend was a great paddling weekend with good people and good water. Congratulations Dennis and Dave on your first run of Octopus! Caleb...what were we thinking???

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thursday Kettle

Thursday I ran the Kettle with Caleb, Nate, and Seth. Nate was starting his brother Seth out kayaking. He did a great job without a single flip thru the rapids. Even did a seal launch off the rock. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with. It would have been nice to have pics of Seth's first Kettle run.
The next 6 days there'll be no kayaking for me...heavy work schedule. Memorial Day weekend is going to be my next oportunity and it'll be the St. Louis. I have had that river running thru my mind since Weds. Kind of hard to get some sleep.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Longer a Lower Louis Virgin

WhooHoo! What a great day for paddling. Scott and I were going to do the upper today but as things go...plans changed. We did the lower instead. When Scott told me the plans changed I immediately took my creek boat up to the reservoir and practiced my rolls...didn't miss a one. I figured since I was paddling with Scott and Jeff from my Swiftwater Rescue class I would be in good hands. Andy and Dave I hadn't paddled with before but Andy turned out to be an excellent solid boater and Dave for being new did a great job! I was wanting to paddle today to get more time in my creek boat...I need to get it dialed in for Colorado. Well the first drop we ran was the Tongue. Whoops...I got turned sideways sliding down the tongue. On my way down I figured I'd learn really fast how this creeker handles when I slipped off the bottom. No problem...brace and a stroke..on my way. The rest of the drops went great! I am stone cold in love with my Habitat! The guys were throwing it around on a wave down below 210. Andy was showing us how to play a Burn. We ran the Louis down to Octopus and pulled out above. Andy was going to do his first run of the Beak. The rest of us set up safety. He did a great run! Extremely exciting to watch. Well next time I'll have to do the slide route on Octopus. Oh yes I have a feeling that there will be many more times on the Lower. I am a ruined woman now...Verm is OK but I need more.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day...St. Louis

Great day on the Upper St. Louis today. Paddling today was Laura, Bryan, Dennis, Caleb, and I. Laura is a new paddler with just some flat water practice and some low water Verming so this was her step up to some real rapids. She did a great job! Thanks Shane for my great Mothers Day gift! Much appreciated!! Dawn...I hope you're out there and wish you the best...always!

Loop City...Wausau

Lots of great paddlers throwing loops today! Even an air cartwheel! This spring has been a very slow start for me this year. First a shoulder injury before my paddling even started, by time that was fixed the water was past prime. I have also had a real hard time with even getting in some rolling practice. I was finding after 3 or 4 rolls I was getting extremely dizzy to the point that I couldn't complete a roll or stand up after I came out of my boat. I was afraid to do much rolling practice because of the fact that I am alone and didn't want to pass out on the water. I was to the point of going to my Dr. and getting checked out when I started asking my paddling buds about it. Some thought it was the cold water in my ears...tried ear plugs and it didn't help. It was when I talked to Caleb just before going to Wausau that he pointed out that it had happened to him because his dry top restricted the blood flow in his neck. Bingo! That was it! I got some practice in the day before on flat water but even though I didn't miss a roll I was still not too confident about rolling in rapids. Well I flipped in the loop hole and hit a perfect roll immediately! It was the best feeling in the world after all the problems I had this spring. Wausau was a great time! Good water and good people!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Few More Photos

Dave Cox sent me these photos from Pabst A Palooza. I don't get many of me since I'm usually the photog. Thanks Dave!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Papst A "Party" Palooza!!!

I had the privlege of being the first person thru the gates of the first Pabst A Palooza...What a great weekend!!! Team Pabst did an outstanding job of bringing this together! Thanks Team! Friday evening saw the paddlers start to roll in. I had my first Pabst in about 20 years as soon as I arrived. It sure tasted good! The bands were playing and the campfire was great! Saturday saw the Down River Races on Pier's Gorge. Lots of flips and swims. We broke for lunch and then headed for Pemene Falls for the Costume Rodeo. I paddled out there and actually got in on the second wave...briefly. For those that know me you know I need more carnage in my paddling to advance my skills...well I got a little (carnage) on Pemene. The Costume Rodeo was a super fun idea! I will have to start working on my costume for next year. Back at the camp the beer was still cold and the bands were playing great music. The last band to play...Pipe Circus was fantastic! Everyone was dancing by the end of the night! The campfire was going and there was a lady named Autum doing improv comedy. I swear everyones abs were sore from laughing...she was great! Sunday I went with a group led by Matt to the Pike River. I need to apologise for letting the battery go low on my camera but I didn't get the photos I wanted of this run. The river was absolutely beautiful!! There was also Sturgeon...Matt showed me one in an eddy. I think they're amazing fish! Love em! The group that went was a great bunch of guys! My only regrets of the weekend was not running Misicot Falls while there was plenty of safety set up on the banks and also I sure wish I would have tried at least once for the first wave at Pemene...next time! I really want to make it back there this summer! Check out the Team Pabst website and also Zoolander's blog for more photos! Links to them are on the side.

Cowboy Jim Jensen

Rodeo Michael Jackson...Freaky Scarey!