Sunday, May 13, 2007

Loop City...Wausau

Lots of great paddlers throwing loops today! Even an air cartwheel! This spring has been a very slow start for me this year. First a shoulder injury before my paddling even started, by time that was fixed the water was past prime. I have also had a real hard time with even getting in some rolling practice. I was finding after 3 or 4 rolls I was getting extremely dizzy to the point that I couldn't complete a roll or stand up after I came out of my boat. I was afraid to do much rolling practice because of the fact that I am alone and didn't want to pass out on the water. I was to the point of going to my Dr. and getting checked out when I started asking my paddling buds about it. Some thought it was the cold water in my ears...tried ear plugs and it didn't help. It was when I talked to Caleb just before going to Wausau that he pointed out that it had happened to him because his dry top restricted the blood flow in his neck. Bingo! That was it! I got some practice in the day before on flat water but even though I didn't miss a roll I was still not too confident about rolling in rapids. Well I flipped in the loop hole and hit a perfect roll immediately! It was the best feeling in the world after all the problems I had this spring. Wausau was a great time! Good water and good people!

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