Sunday, May 06, 2007

Papst A "Party" Palooza!!!

I had the privlege of being the first person thru the gates of the first Pabst A Palooza...What a great weekend!!! Team Pabst did an outstanding job of bringing this together! Thanks Team! Friday evening saw the paddlers start to roll in. I had my first Pabst in about 20 years as soon as I arrived. It sure tasted good! The bands were playing and the campfire was great! Saturday saw the Down River Races on Pier's Gorge. Lots of flips and swims. We broke for lunch and then headed for Pemene Falls for the Costume Rodeo. I paddled out there and actually got in on the second wave...briefly. For those that know me you know I need more carnage in my paddling to advance my skills...well I got a little (carnage) on Pemene. The Costume Rodeo was a super fun idea! I will have to start working on my costume for next year. Back at the camp the beer was still cold and the bands were playing great music. The last band to play...Pipe Circus was fantastic! Everyone was dancing by the end of the night! The campfire was going and there was a lady named Autum doing improv comedy. I swear everyones abs were sore from laughing...she was great! Sunday I went with a group led by Matt to the Pike River. I need to apologise for letting the battery go low on my camera but I didn't get the photos I wanted of this run. The river was absolutely beautiful!! There was also Sturgeon...Matt showed me one in an eddy. I think they're amazing fish! Love em! The group that went was a great bunch of guys! My only regrets of the weekend was not running Misicot Falls while there was plenty of safety set up on the banks and also I sure wish I would have tried at least once for the first wave at time! I really want to make it back there this summer! Check out the Team Pabst website and also Zoolander's blog for more photos! Links to them are on the side.

Cowboy Jim Jensen

Rodeo Michael Jackson...Freaky Scarey!

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Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Nice pics Nora!! That hat Jim was wearing was hilarious!