Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Paddle

Driving up to the St. Louis I passed thru two thunderstorms and was welcomed with pouring down rain at the Outpost. My first thoughts were that maybe we could play the first wave but I wasn't going to paddle the river and reservoir with lightning. As it turned out the downpour was brief and the sun came out. 25 kayakers and 1 open boater put on at the rafting company. Superior Rafting added one more kayaker on the river and a raft full of people. The level was great! We had kayakers from three different states represented! Some of our Canoe U students joined us...both looked at the hole on Electric Ledge...I told them not too but ya know...I think everyone on their first time down Electric Ledge has to do that. I know I did! Both of them did well going thru the hole though. Fall days with some sun and water are pretty rare. What an amazing day!

I wish this photo of Anthony didn't have a water spot on it. Just before his launch his paddle slipped off of the cliff and he went ahead and seal launched without it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rapids Riders Vermillion River Clean Up 07

It turned out to be a very nice sunny day for the clean up. The Rapids Riders Whitewater Club and Joe Beatty along with his biology students, Ivan from St Cloud University, Brad from the Red Wing Enviromental Learning Center, and Jay from MCA all came to clean the Verm. A huge amount of rubbish was pulled from the river. Included in the pile are bikes, a set of metal stairs, light poles, lots of iron, razor scooters, irrigation hoses and enough empty booze bottles to fill a liquor store. With the goodie boxes recieved from our sponsers, 3M, NRS, Stearns, Applebees, Green Mill and the Hastings Dairy Store, there was enough for everyone to get a little something. Great day and a great turn out! Only 3 of us stayed to play the river after. It was low but always fun! Thanks Allen for taking the photos!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


What a great day today!! I actually did a double header today. The last few days have shown a return to my old energy and it feels soooo gooood!!! Today I met up with Graeme after work. I haven't paddled with him since spring on the Kettle. It was good to see him and the Verm was still offering up some good fun. Dennis had called while I paddled and said he was coming down. As I was driving away it started to rain a smidgen so I called him back and told him that if the radar looked good I'd most likely do the pugs and turn around and come back. Yes I was lusting for another flash flood. Things looked good so I headed back. While we were surfing Triple the tornado sirens went off and yes I started to get excited! Come on flood!! We headed down to RR for a bit and then hit up Donut. The rain fell while we were at Donut. Not too hard but we played the river until dark. It was really good catching up with Dennis and hearing that things are great now and getting better in his life. Can't wait to meet Lisa! Well tonight also complicated things for me...I was hoping that the river would go down so I could catch some overtime but it looks like it won't so I'll be down there on friday after work.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flash Flood on the Vermillion

Spot and I went down to the Verm tonight. When we got there it was lower than it was this afternoon and I thought it kind of strange. We put in and everything was pretty tame. Triple was a wave but very nice and easy to surf. RR was funky with kind of a rooster tail on surfers right. S bend had nothing and when I dropped down into donut I signaled to Spot that it was little...just a wave. We surfed for a bit and then a heavy downpour hit. Our little bunny rabbit Donut started to grow. Spot pointed out a rock in surfers right and as the water came it rose in no time and covered the rock. The water was fast and trashy...we surfed it right up to the peak but I must say towards the top there it just took my little play boat and threw it out quite a few times. I got out of my boat and scouted Fishermans and S-bend. Both didn't look the way they usually do...they didn't look like they'd be fun to play with. The water started to receed. We surfed it down until almost dark and took out. Before I left I looked at the rocks in RR...both were well covered yet. Still over 100 cfs easy! Really a FUN night. I thought I was in Colorado with the flash flooding...even the water was cloudy!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wall by the Falls

Here's a couple of photos of the wall by the falls. What the men are putting up are forms that will add texture to the concrete when they pour to make it "blend" with the mill better. You can see the base is already stained with seeping water. This should be interesting.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Carbon Offsets

If you do something "good" for the environment it offsets the "bad" that you do. Interesting theory. I've been feeling a bit guilty about the "irresponsibility" factor in my life. I know my life is centered around play right now but that's just due to the fact that my entire life has been tied down incredible with responsibility since I was really young. I want a new kite, a trip to Chile, Lasik's, a new paddle just for my Habitat and a full face helmet. Hmm.. I've come to think that I should use the Carbon Offset factor...If I take care of some (just a few) of the pressing needs of my house then I can indulge. I call it "responsibility offsets". Called the plumber today. That's good for a Friday away from home!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zorongo Flamenco

Anyone that knows me knows I love dance. Zorongo Flamenco has to be one of my favorite dance troupes. They'll be at the Southern Theater the end of Nov. Check them out if you get a chance...they're incredible!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vermillion River Clean up

Things just keep getting better for the clean up! Midwest Mountaianeering is donating some goodies and NRS is sending me a box of goodies to give away. I would have liked to have found a sponser to buy us all T shirts but...if you like the design here just take it to a T shirt shop and they'll put it on for you. The shop I use charges $6.50 if I supply the shirt. Ladies...Target has the best ladies shirts. I like the Pro Spirit ones best.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm thinking of running away this winter

Patagonia comes to mind. Since I really am not (for real) going to buy another boat I think I can afford a trip like this. I'm checking out this place. A friend went last winter and said it was incredible. This would be a learning trip for me. They have everything from beginner to expert and also other sports. If this sounds interesting let me know. Other suggestions for destinations welcome too. I just want a week of instruction someplace with a variety of rivers to learn on. Local USA works for me also.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I was going to Stay Home...yeah right

The last week I've been running every day and I told my self that's it...I was really tired yesterday I need to rest today and do some house work or something. Then Bryan called and whispered (not really) a 4 lettered word..."kite"...and I relpied with a 2 lettered word..."OK" ...I'm kinda easy that way. Anyway Bryan and his girlfriend Kim came down to my hood and we hit Lake Pepin just south of Maiden Rock. The wind could have been a little steadier and stronger but we still had fun with our kites. I got up once and Bryan got up quite a few times. Kim just enjoyed a beautiful day on our private (for the most part) beach. Bryan's kite is the black Deisel and mine is the yellow/grey Turbo Deisel.

Love this Video!

Amazing air at the end and you gotta love "Upper Death"!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Andy Running Slot Machine

Beautiful! We had everyone down below running safety. Andy came around so fast I was a little late on my camera but I caught him at the bottom and paddling hard to get away from the nasty hole at the bottom! Perfect run!