Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zorongo Flamenco

Anyone that knows me knows I love dance. Zorongo Flamenco has to be one of my favorite dance troupes. They'll be at the Southern Theater the end of Nov. Check them out if you get a chance...they're incredible!


Rosie said...


This is one hot picture of you!!!

I'd be game to go and see the Flamenco after I am back from the UK and Italy.

Wanna go?


Nora said...

Oh Rosie you'd LOVE Zorongo! So far there's 4 of us going and the more the merrier. The dates set aside are Nov 29th or the 30th. The 30th being my birthday:) Let me know which works for you. We usually have dinner just before the show.
Yeah... I was hot...all those years ago ;-)

Rosie said...

Cool! So far I can make either day! So just let me know.

And that is your 30th Birthday? Great :-)

Nora said...

Ho Ho...add the legal drinking age to that and you'll have my age. Wish I was still 30! But it's only a number and how you feel is the main thing. My new saying is "You're only old once!"

Michael said...

Definitely flamenco with a twist! Enjoyed reading your blog having drifted in from Pnet... Happy paddling!

Rosie said...

Do you have settled on a date yet? I can make the 30th, but I would have to rearrange things, if it was the 29th.