Monday, September 03, 2007

I was going to Stay Home...yeah right

The last week I've been running every day and I told my self that's it...I was really tired yesterday I need to rest today and do some house work or something. Then Bryan called and whispered (not really) a 4 lettered word..."kite"...and I relpied with a 2 lettered word..."OK" ...I'm kinda easy that way. Anyway Bryan and his girlfriend Kim came down to my hood and we hit Lake Pepin just south of Maiden Rock. The wind could have been a little steadier and stronger but we still had fun with our kites. I got up once and Bryan got up quite a few times. Kim just enjoyed a beautiful day on our private (for the most part) beach. Bryan's kite is the black Deisel and mine is the yellow/grey Turbo Deisel.


Bryan said...

Thanks for posting these. It's funny, but looking back now the wind frustration is fading and the fun is sticking in my mind. Now that I've seen the pics I can't wait to go again. Hope you had fun today - you did great!

Nora said...

I've had kiting on my mind alot lately and have been impaitient waiting for winter so to get out today and play was great!! I didn't even mind gargling a bit of Mississippi water that first launch! I think just a tad more wind and it would have rocked! Let me know the next time you can head out. Dang I want another kite ;-)