Thursday, September 20, 2007


What a great day today!! I actually did a double header today. The last few days have shown a return to my old energy and it feels soooo gooood!!! Today I met up with Graeme after work. I haven't paddled with him since spring on the Kettle. It was good to see him and the Verm was still offering up some good fun. Dennis had called while I paddled and said he was coming down. As I was driving away it started to rain a smidgen so I called him back and told him that if the radar looked good I'd most likely do the pugs and turn around and come back. Yes I was lusting for another flash flood. Things looked good so I headed back. While we were surfing Triple the tornado sirens went off and yes I started to get excited! Come on flood!! We headed down to RR for a bit and then hit up Donut. The rain fell while we were at Donut. Not too hard but we played the river until dark. It was really good catching up with Dennis and hearing that things are great now and getting better in his life. Can't wait to meet Lisa! Well tonight also complicated things for me...I was hoping that the river would go down so I could catch some overtime but it looks like it won't so I'll be down there on friday after work.

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