Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flash Flood on the Vermillion

Spot and I went down to the Verm tonight. When we got there it was lower than it was this afternoon and I thought it kind of strange. We put in and everything was pretty tame. Triple was a wave but very nice and easy to surf. RR was funky with kind of a rooster tail on surfers right. S bend had nothing and when I dropped down into donut I signaled to Spot that it was little...just a wave. We surfed for a bit and then a heavy downpour hit. Our little bunny rabbit Donut started to grow. Spot pointed out a rock in surfers right and as the water came it rose in no time and covered the rock. The water was fast and trashy...we surfed it right up to the peak but I must say towards the top there it just took my little play boat and threw it out quite a few times. I got out of my boat and scouted Fishermans and S-bend. Both didn't look the way they usually do...they didn't look like they'd be fun to play with. The water started to receed. We surfed it down until almost dark and took out. Before I left I looked at the rocks in RR...both were well covered yet. Still over 100 cfs easy! Really a FUN night. I thought I was in Colorado with the flash flooding...even the water was cloudy!

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