Monday, October 18, 2010

Caught my Fancy!

For quite a few years now my friends have been telling me I needed to try mountain biking.  Yeah...someday maybe. This year I have spent quite a bit of time on my road bike and have started to develop a curiosity for the mountain bike thing. There must be something there that my friends love. I began researching and realized this is something that can be quite a bit more expensive than some of my other sports.  Ouch!  Especially since I figure I would want a full suspension bike.  For the last couple of months I have been watching the used bikes but just couldn't justify the big bucks for them.  This last weekend one came on that I thought hmmm.  It's an older model but was top of the line when  it came out.  Well taken care of and in good shape and most importantly, very, very reasonable.  I gave it a test drive and it felt immediately comfortable and solid.  I looked the guy in the eye and said what's your bottom line on this bike.  He quoted  a price $140 LESS than he was asking...sold!  Very reasonable! No guilt buying this toy! 
Today was our virgin ride on the single track trails in Red Wing.  The bike was awesome!  It may be old school but we did just fine together.  I had the trails to myself tonight so I was able to take it at my own pace and learn.  The suspension worked super and I was getting the hang of it.  I could have gone for a long time but the sun was setting and I had to get home. Such a beautiful night!  I'm so looking forward to spending whole days on trails and seeing where they take me.

Saturday, October 09, 2010