Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No Snakes Today!

I talked to the Hastings Park Service and they said they've had rattlers reported down there before...oh well...so much for that. I know the bluffs along the Mississippi down here have lots of rattlers. I'm just kind of surprised to find one on the Verm. I remember when I first moved to the area back in 1980. The old timers told me about how there used to be a bounty on rattlers. Three bucks per snake. Men being men, or should I say boys will be boys, snake hunting was a big thing. The best way to make money at it, I was told, was to go looking in the late fall and winter. There was a bluff along the Chippewa bottoms that was lousy with rattlers. In the winter they den up for hybernation. The local boys would take dynamite and blow the hell out of the dens in the bluff and then just pick up the snakes. Now that was the good old days when you could make your beer money killing snakes with a little dynamite.
River was the same. Play on RR and play on Donut.

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