Thursday, March 08, 2007


There is definitely Zen in kiting! Everyday is different. Life would be so boring if nothing ever changed. There is a peacefulness about gliding over snow with one hand lightly resting on your bar. It's hard to describe in words but it feels very natural to me. The other night was probably some of the best wind I experienced. Constant and without shifting and anything I wanted from it, it gave. Today was a day of building and surprises. The wind increased as the day went on as my energy decreased. That figures. The surprise was a spot in the middle of the lake that had a swirl effect. It took your kite and swirled and dropped it. I thought it was just me until Tim hit the same place and his foil swirled and dropped also. Later in the afternoon the boys threw up a smaller kite which worked great for the wind we had. By then I had packed my kite and was just helping out. This weekend is quite the puzzle as to what to do. No wind is forcast so kiting is going to be a bust. I don't think the snow is going to last on Pepin thru the weekend. The Verm was still iced as of last night. If that doesn't open I guess the only thing is to go to Welch and ski what ever snow is left on the hill. It was a great day today!

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