Saturday, March 03, 2007

Third Full Day Kiting!

Well I took vacation and met a group of kiters out of Lake City today. The wind was great with a few good gusts. It was really ripping down the middle of the river! Fresh deep snow...beautiful sunny day! I had a rough start dropping an edge on my ski and crashing. My chicken loop let go and the kite flagged out to the end of the 100% depower line. Dang that line tangles easy! Well then I got it going again. Had lots of fun FAST rides in. Even my first bonafied faceplant! A gust off the point caught me wrong and whamo. As deep as the snow was it was all just fun! I came to the conclusion that I suck on turns. Well when I said that to Pete he suggested I turn my skis before my kite and presto I was turning alot better! Thanks Pete! I feel time is running out fast on this new sport and I can't get enough time in. My thoughts are that the Verm is going to start running next weekend and that'll be all of kiting until I start in the summer. Fun day all around!

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