Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Verming

I probably should have stayed home and rested but with the lack of water this year I had to get to the Verm if only for a bit. Nate and I paddled today and the level was higher than it was on Friday even though the gauge says it's down. We mostly played donut and it was fast and dynamic with a tendancy to window shade you today...I got one...I think that's my first window shade on Donut. They're easier to get on RR. The lighting was gloomy but it made for some interesting shots.


Jack said...

May as well paddle while the water and weather's good, you can rest all winter...thats my philosophy when it comes to fall paddling!!

Trek 4 Fun said...

You are such an inspiration; your kayaking pictures are great. I only sea kayak but have to admit after spending some time on your Blog I may have to dip my toe on the other side of kayaking to whitewater. You've got a inspiring Blog and fantastic pictures!