Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mental Health Day

After yesterday at work I needed to get away and travel. I was up this morning at 4...reset the clock and was up at 5..reset once more and I was on the road at 6:15am headed north. I drove up to the North Shore hoping to find some good surf. I scouted the Knife river first and it was up. Looked at the Sucker, French, and Lester also. There's a group of us talking about running some intermediate creeks this Saturday. Dependant on wind, water and whim. I headed to Stoney knowing from the swells I saw while driving thru Duluth that there'd be something good there. I was right! Stayed for awhile but with no one there except for two deer it got kind of old. I did get some good rides though! Well I needed to head south again but I stopped to take a look at the lower Louis at 3900cfs...WOW! Well on my way home I timed it to catch Bill and Graeme at the Verm. It was rocking! This fall has been just incredible for paddling! Isn't it great! Definately a night to hug a pug, hot chocolate and vitamin I.

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Jesse (Zoolander) said...

Looks like fun!!!!