Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two Harbors Kayak Festival

Saturday morning I headed up to the Festival. Due to work I wasn't able to enter either of the races but I made it there as they were finishing. I met up with Ron, Chris, Courtney, and Jill at the Festival and met several others that were with them. It was good seeing and paddling with them! There seemed to be quite a crowd of kayakers for the Festival this year. Many boats to demo. Now here is where I confess...I am a bad photographer as I didn't get a single shot of sea kayaks...can you believe it??? My beer of the weekend was Melissa's favorite. I had to try it...Summer Shandy...great stuff!!! Tried the Berry Weis from Leinnegukel's also great! Maybe next year I can try to make the races. I have paddled the 18 mile race in the past twice. Pyranha Dave did the 5 mile race but was mercilessly heckled by the UMD Whitewater crowd at the start..."5 miles is the most flatwater a WW Paddler can take" etc. He did us proud by taking first in his division!


Ron said...

Hey Nora, was great seeing you again. Good to see you still have the knack for the seakayak. Maybe next year we can do the 18 miler.

Nora said...

It was great seeing you also! Been awhile! Maybe for next year...that's a lot of flatwater paddling for a whitewater person! How about the 5 miler?