Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vermillion River Clean Up

Sunday September 23rd will be the Vermillion Clean Up. I'm the coordinator this year. Right now it's in the planning stages but I'm looking for ideas to make it a great time. The Vermillion has always been a special place for me. It's not so much the "gnar" water but the people that gather there. My memories are always of the wonderful people I've paddled with down there. It's the first to run in the spring and has been the birth place of many great paddlers in our community. Same as last year I'll bring my raft for the Garbage Barge to float the bikes down. With a little Blessing maybe we'll have water for our kayaks also!


Bryan said...

Hey Nora,

You can count me in - last year was really fun. Thanks for organizing it. If it doesn't rain soon you might want to bring a wheelbarrow instead of a raft though.

Rosie said...

Sniff! I will be in Europe at that time. I will try to drop off some sustenance with you before I leave though, so I'll at least be there in spirits :-)

Nora said...

That's great Bryan! I need someone to be the raft master since I'll be up top and busy. Would you be up for that? I have gotten a few good ideas from people and as they get finalized I'll post them...could be very interesting!
Rosie...Sniff! Europe instead of the Verm? Is there more water over there??? We'll miss you! Have fun!

Rosie said...

More water in the UK? Erm well, smatteroffact, they've been having a huge flood catastrophy in the last month with drinking water supply out of commission I hasten to add, so I don't make you guys start crying too hard.

They are paddling to the put-in at the moment and the grocery store and the pub...

And you know, that they have just had a serious terrorist attack? Nobody I know has been fazed about that, they're all a lot more worried about the flood...

Here a couple of links to where all the water has gone in the last two months...

A couple of kayaker "running" errands in a British town


And here a whole gallery with canoeists, rescue raft, heli-rescue...


Nora said...

If only we could take a little of that water off of their hands. Global warming sucks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nora,

As promised here are some suggestions for fundraising & door prizes.

The local Chamber & Visitors Bureau are always a great resource for this. Sometimes there is a lodging association that will donate a free room at their hotel/motel. Also, they might be interested in serving as "clean up headquarters".

Here are some of my connections worth contacting:

Ty Swenson - Northwest River Supply
Rep for our region

Mary Snyder - Marketing Manager
Stearns, Inc.

Derrick Taylor - Team Manager
Red Bull USA

Mikela Kramer - Outreach Specialist

You also should contact the local Chipotle for food donations. Depending on the location and notice in advance they can be very good.

Lastly, I would shoot an email to other local university outdoor programs to give them a heads up. They are very supportive of efforts like this and it is great for their student staff to be involved.

Sean Morrisey - UMN Center for Outdoor Adventures

Tim Mertz - UW Stout Adventures

We, Outdoor Endeavors, could possibly bring a trailer of canoes down to aid in moving trash.

Keep us posted and thanks for the great effort!

Ivan Bartha