Sunday, July 08, 2007

Colorado 07

The first afternoon in Colorado was spent at the Salida Play Holes. The lower hole ended up being nothing but people from the Midwest. I ran Browns Canyon on Friday. It was great! Other than that I spent my time in Salida! Great to see all the people from the Minnesota out there! Jake is still the "Rock Star"! Lots of fun!

Larry from Texas!

Melissa on Zoom Flume!

Art on Zoom Flume!

Me running Zoom Flume!

Jeremiah running Zoom Flume!


Anonymous said...


How did you like Browns Canyon? I used to do Browns Canyon all the time but it sure seemed like bigger water when I did Browns Canyon last week. Fun stuff!

Tom M

Nora said...

It was GREAT! My only complaint for the few days I spent out there was it was too short a time. Plus I wish someone had clued me in on HAF before I went out there...I was wondering what the hay was happening to me ;-) Next year I'm planning on spending more days out there and taking a few days to acclimate myself to the altitude. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Nora, names daniel, from alabama, i met you and your group randomly on browns canyon this year. Your group and the group i was with paddled from the floom down to the take out together. I happened on to this site randomly after noticing a zoom floom you tube post, just wanted to say hello and tell you to look me up if ever in alabama for some creeking, hopefully we will get some rain this year!! take care

Nora said...

Hi Daniel,
Good to hear from you! Send me some contact info and if I ever make it down south I'll look you up! Otherwise same time, same place next year. Colorado was great! Good time!