Friday, August 10, 2007

Kiting Today!

I sure have missed kiting. I've been thinking about snow and winter coming...kind of wrote off the WW for this summer. Brian Z came down to try Pepin. When he first launched there was a bit of wind but it rapidly died. Nothing kills a wind faster than launching a kite. Still he was able to get some air but not quite enough to use the board. Still it was a great site for learning...very shallow for a loooong way out and nice fetch. I have added the local kiting web sites to my blog. Check out Aaron and Emily's MNKiting and LAKAWA for kiting info.


Rosie said...

Yeah, I went online right after getting up, to see what last night's crazy thunderstorm may have done to the Verm...Not too much.

Your kiting pictures look like fun though!

Nora said...

That was an awesome storm last night!!! I worked mindnight shift and just looking at the wind shear in the clouds was could see the rotation above us! Then the rain hit! It shook our entire building and knocked out all of our systems. I also haven't seen lightning like that in a long time. Driving home this morning it was just a beautiful light show!
60 cfs is paddlable and still easy. If I wasn't on 12 hour midnight shifts this weekend I'd be down there. If there's still a little on monday afternoon I may make it down.

Rosie said...

UUuuHH! (=Hefty moan!) I checked this morning and it was only 33! Never thought of checking again for lag!!! Durn!

I should be able to do Monday after work.

I'll also see, if I can scare anybody up for tomorrow, someone who hasn't gone to the rec release...