Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gunflint Trail 07

Tuesday I headed for the Gunflint Trail to join my friends, The Marroquins. I got to Grand Marias and figured everyone at camp would still be fishing so I headed to Paradise Beach to agate hunt. With a soft rain falling I walked the beach. Two hours later I had a huge stash of agates...some really good sized ones at that! I also picked up some Thompsonite...nice! I joined my friends at camp. Set up and grabbed my fishing pole and pulled in three good sized bass to add to the dinner table before the sun set on the first day. We fished everyday and feasted every night. I caught a nice sized walleye and lots of bass, but the fish of the week was caught by Shirley who pulled in the biggest bass I have seen! The young ones among us seemed to be catching the largest fish this week! Cooking tip: we used Leinie's Summer Shandy for beer batter one night. Lemon flavor worked subtley to flavor the fish. Great vacation!

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Bryan said...

Wow, you got some beautiful reflection shots. Nice Work!