Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Verm

Interesting day today on the Verm. The only play worth playing was Triple and Donut...the rest was blah. But then when I rounded the last bend to the take out I saw there was a young man standing by the old mill doing what I thought was "taking a pee". Whoops my I floated queitly closer I saw he was ah.."relieving" himself a different way. Finally as I was staring at his bare butt I said "You better zip it up!" He jumped and stuffed it back in his pants. Of course the take out is right there so I had to land right where he was. He stood there watching me and it was very apparent that he hadn't finished what he was doing. I quickly emptied my boat and headed up the trail before he realised I was down there alone. When he did, he followed me up the path to the parking lot. I knew he was behind me but I wouldn't turn around to acknowledge him. He did say "hi" when he got up to the parking lot. My take is It could have been bad if he had realised sooner that I was may not be good if I run into him again. He walked off towards where ever so I know he's very local to the area. Oh well..cold weather is coming and then I don't see anyone down there.


Bryan said...

yikes - glad you got away with only the emotional damage from witnessing it. Someone needs to invent a waterproof Tazer.

Nora said...

That's the second time that I have felt it was a bad situation down there. The first time the guy decided I'd be a little more than he'd like to tangle with. I'm guessing he was most likely high on somehting. Speaking of emotional damage you should have seen the old dude with a thong...yes a thong on at the Lower wasn't pretty!