Thursday, August 16, 2007

All Star's First Run

I did something I have never done on the Verm today while trying out my new boat for the first time. I caught the wave on Triple Drop on the fly. I've tried before but never could catch it. Hmmm I think I'm going to love this boat. The All Star surfed everything just beautifully even though it was a little verm today. Oh yeah!!! This boat is going to be fun!


Ivan Bartha said...

Hey Nora! Glad you like your new boat! We sure appreciate you getting it from Outdoor Endeavors and supporting out little program. Enjoy!


Nora said...

Thank You Ivan! I'm really happy with the balance and perfomance on the Verm today...I'll post a review after Wausau this weekend.

Rosie said...

Cool! Looks like you picked the exactly right boat for yourself.

Wow! Just looked at the Verm gauge, it is definitely soaring. Not sure how much play I can get away for until after I come back from Europe. I'll just count on there being a more consistent flow in the Autumn! I will try to get my roll going in the meantime.

Have fun tomorrow on the Verm! And at the Gunflint Trail!!!