Monday, June 01, 2009

Canoe U...Graduation Weekend!

Congratulations to the class of 09! What a memorable year for paddlers. Good water, great weather, and great students. Bottom line was it was a whole lot of fun! The St Louis was lousy with whitewater enthusiasts all weekend! Saturday at Electric Ledge rafters and kayakers converged. I counted over 80 people at the Ledge at one time. It was a lot of entertainment watching the raft carnage! Our class made leaps and bounds in ability! It was great to see! Everyone of them "maning up" or "womaning up" to run Electric Ledge for graduation day. Sunday it was a race across the reservoir to beat a storm that just missed us to the north. There is a photo of it but it didn't quite catch the darkness of the storm against the sun shining down on the kayakers. I hope everyone will be at the Survivors Party on June 10th at Hidden Falls in St Paul. I'll be making my Chocolate Cheese Pie! See you there! Click to enlarge any photo and feel free to download.

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