Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day at Sturgeon Falls.

We had this trip planned for a year since the last time we were there. I believe it's going to be an annual pilgrimage. It's worth the drive. This year the level was 67,000cfs. Very interesting as the features changed constantly from foam to green. Bigmouth was very aggressive, breaking constantly...beautiful to watch! It was a toss up for me this year as to go or not due to my tailbone problem but I made the trip. We had a crew of great people out there! I picked up the Duo from Midwest and brought it up for us to try. We can say it's not much of a playboat but it does have a lot of speed for running rivers. It was fun to watch Craig and Steve try to catch some surf with it. I just got a few photos out there. Bryan Z has a bunch and some video also. Check his blog out.

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