Sunday, June 07, 2009

The First Release

Saturday was the first release for Wausau Whitewater. The day broke a couple of records. The first was the most people for a first release and the second was the lowest high temperature for that day. The chilly weather didn't stop everyone from playing hard and having fun. Pamela joined me for her third time on moving water...she rocked! Her brother Jason also joined us to renew his love of whitewater after being "dry" for a few years. He sure wasn't rusty! The river was like a family was hard to pass an eddy without seeing someone you haven't seen since last season. Bryan Z had his new Kingpin and was rocking the holes...loops and cartwheels. I didn't get any photos but Bryan did so check his blog out. See everyone next Saturday!

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Julie Walraven said...

Nora, I can't tell you how happy I was to see everyone (especially you -- even though we had no time to talk) on the river... I was freezing on the river banks doing registration with my winter jacket on... until Paul S. told me to go put on my layers that I packed but didn't get to.

Family Reunion, old home week, whatever we call it, friends everywhere and new friends to meet made the whole day wonderful despite the weather.

Fortunately next Saturday if the weather stays as predicted is supposed to be 74 degrees... and sunny!

We had 96 boats on the water on Saturday! What A Blessing!