Monday, June 08, 2009

Ah Yes...Partytime, er, I mean Paddletime, Ah it's PADDLEMANIA TIME!

Paddlemania is fast approaching. June 20th! It's the time of the year when Team Midwest Mountaineering has their thank you bash for all of their loyal whitewater customers. Last year they changed the venue to the Outpost on the St Louis giving us so much more to paddle. There's going to be camping, river tours, boat demos, and gambling. By gambling I mean the Slot Machine Showdown where paddlers can take their chances at running the Slot. I see prizes are going to be awarded to all participants...hmmmm. Midwest usually gives out some good stuff. I got my favorite paddling top at one a few years back. Plan to camp and run the river both days. This will be my 4th year coming and my first time not having to fit work into the weekend! It's going to be a great time! Put a search in on my blog to check out the past Paddlemania's.

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