Thursday, June 04, 2009

It Felt Good to Rock Out!

With the whitewater rock bottom low around here, Shirley and I headed for Barn Bluff this afternoon. I've climbed outside early this spring but all that ended when the water came up. It was definitely time to get back to climbing. We went to Jenna's first. I haven't climbed it since the rattlesnake incident last fall. We threw a few rocks up to see if anyone was home. Nobody, but I was still too creeped out from last time to enjoy leading Jenna's. We went down to Dealer's Choice instead. This would be my first outdoor lead of the year. I took my time and it went well. Shirley followed very nicely on top rope. I top roped it and was again amazed at the mental difference between leading and top roping. I love the challenge. For our first time out Shirley and I did well. We checked out a few other climbs that I'd like to lead soon. A very good evening!

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