Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paddlemania Weekend! (aka, Naked at Night)

It was another great party put on by Team Midwest Mountaineering. The weather was HOT and the water felt really good. I think this years turn out was the best yet! Many paddlers took their first tours of of the Lower with a fair amount of success. The upper wasn't ignored either with lots of paddlers styling Electric Ledge for their first time. My Saturday was spent starting Joi on her very first whitewater kayak lesson. She did great! Even did a 12 foot seal launch on the way back! Sunday was my day to paddle! I saw my favorite C boaters pull into the parking lot (minus 1) and knew it was going to be a good day. A total of five of us ran the upper and it was fun. Doug styled Electric for his first time. Sitting at the beach in the canyon I took a good look at Dave's close I ended up trying it out. WOW! Was that different. I've loved watching C boaters and have had a lot of respect for their skills but I now have very good understanding of just how talented those people are! For the record I didn't flip but I didn't get into very much current either. Next we had plans to paddle the lower. For John it was his first time. We did the first couple of drops and I came to the sad realization that my energy level was below empty. We pulled off and decided to do the run another day. Good call. BTW the Saturday night party seems to be ending up with a tradition of skinney wasn't dark enough for me :) Another great weekend! Thanks Team Midwest! (My favorite store!)

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