Sunday, June 07, 2009

What's This? Water from the Sky? gotta be kidding...I've forgotten what that's like...Well I was reminded down in North Carolina...repeatedly. Anyway, my trusty rain gauge says 1 1/4 inch in Red Wing. I checked the Verm on the way home and this is what I saw. If we get the rain they predict for tonight then the Verm will have a little action on it. Cats and dogs baby! Let it pour! If you're really bored click on the middle photo to enlarge and see if you can spot the ducks...there's two.

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Amy said...

Nora these are amazing photos! And these pictures of the water in North Carolina... I've driven to Charlotte from Chattanooga on off roads, and seen kayakers on these gorgeous waters, they actually had made me think of you!

And on your about you area... the agate collecting. I remember some of the ones you'd shown me. Seeing all this is a great feeling and memory in the best and needed time. :)

p.p.s. Ice climbing? Now that sounds interesting!!!