Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ripple Effect Rally

When you use violence to protest the RNC you become that which you protest against. The Ripple Effect Rally was a very peaceful event held on the State Capital lawn. Personally I find it hard to believe this is what the USA has come to when a benign rally like this is surrounded by hundreds of police in full riot gear and snipers on the roof tops. It was hard to feel "free" while all the time there are guns trained on you. Today I personally rallied against the RNC AND the Anarchists. The violence of the previous day was inexcusable. I ended up getting interviewed by an international reporter...The first sentence of this post is one of my statements to her. There is no excuse for violence and destruction. Whether it is a one on one conflict or a conflict between two nations, when you resort to violence or war it is because you or your leaders lack the ability to problem solve. When you resort to force to prove your point it only proves that you are weak. On the positive side I did get to hear Winona LaDuke and Will Steger speak. Both had very good messages. The bands were great! Lots of information booths...most were good a few kind of "out there". Rita and I had a good time and met up with Laura at her Health Care Reform Booth. We left shortly after 5pm. According to the news we left at a good time. Later Rage Against the Machine showed up and the protesters from the Mears Park rally came and then things got ugly. Here's a youtube link to video posted with RATM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYwzW2QFnwo The Ripple Effect Rally itself was a very peaceful demonstration and I am glad I went. For those of you that read my blog faithfully...don't worry...I'm not going to turn it political. We all get enough of that elsewhere but I just wanted to show there were good positive demonstrations out there.
Sign of the times.

The price for this war.
Who is that?

Awesome female Hip Hop Band!


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