Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lower St. Louis

I headed up to the North Shore today for a busy agenda. Bryan, Dave, Graeme, Pike and I were going to run the Lower St. Louis today. I headed up early with hopes of some morning surf. When I arrived at Stoney it was just barely starting to form...not enough yet to get wet for but I could tell it was coming. I went instead to check out Dave's new house...very nice! We all met up at the Outpost. Bryan was getting his new boat wet for the very first time. Graeme for his first run of the Louis. We had all agreed that it was to be an easy take our time and enjoy the river kind of day. We scouted. Took photos. We had just a wonderful day. Evening was falling as we pulled off the river. What a great group to paddle with! A bit of carnage with our group, a thumb and a few scrapes on the razor rocks. I personally only tore the neck gasket on my dry top...I had wondered why I had gotten so wet and cold. Oh well, more shopping! Oh and yes that's another new helmet. I bought a WRSI with the face shield. It fits great. I wondered how constricted my vision would be but I'm happy to say there isn't any problems there. On the whole I'm very glad I bought it. I think it looks great also! First photo is Bryan getting in his brand new boat!

Da boys dropping into the Hanging Pool.

Graeme on Octopus
Dave, Bryan, Pike, Nora, and Graeme on the First Sister, also known as the Twisted Sister.


Bryan said...

Wow - I didn't know you tore your drytop! You've had a tough couple weeks for equipment.

Nora said...

I thought it felt funny when I put it on but I didn't want to take it off and look. I couldn't figure out why I was stupid cold and wet by time we got to Octopus. I found the tear when I was taking care of my gear this morning. Oh well, my gear does get used quite a bit and I wore that drytop alot. I'll put a new neck gasket in this week and that'll get me by until I shop again :)