Monday, September 08, 2008

Winter is Coming!

Wow...with no water I've been doing work around the house trying to get everything in line for the coming winter. This also includes getting ready for my winter sports. The U of M in Minneapolis has great reasonable climbing clinics and outdoor adventure trips. Even on backpacking the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving. I'm keeping an eye on that trip. I'd just do it to scout the whitewater. Welch has their night passes on sale. I've gotta have one of those for when the wind doesn't blow. Speaking of wind, I need a small kite for those extreme days on Pepin. Hmmm...Ice climbing is on my mind. I need to find some more ice screws. Tomorrow I'm heading to Barns Bluff to teach my friend how to belay for me. She said she won't climb but she'd hold my rope for me! I gotta love her! Oh and it's also time to get my VE ten punch card. Also the Southern Theater is having the Zorongo Flamenco Dance Troupe twice this fall!! I have to carve out a day next week to see Part 1 of their new show. It needs to rain soon before I go broke with gear/trip fever! I'm also having fantasies about a mid winter paddling trip. I think I need help!

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