Sunday, September 21, 2008

RapidsRiders Vermillion River Clean Up!

Fantastic! Is how I would describe the entire day today! 24 fantastic people showed up and did a fantastic job of cleaning the Verm on the last day of summer...the weather was...of course...fantastic! I arrived this morning before 9am to find 2 men waiting for me ready to start the job. More and more people kept showing up and heading down to the river. Dead wood was removed from the trails and the clean up got underway. Fewer bikes this year than any other year I've seen! Only 6! Some of the things found were TV's, computer, mattress, socks, shoes, underwear, skateboards, battery, giant snowman and pumpkin, booze bottles and a porno stash? We even pulled a motorcycle out of fishermans pool! Mike J. brought a retired climbing rope and they set up a great pull to remove the bikes and big trash from fishermans pool. Check out the awesome videos!! These kayakers rock!! The crew had all kinds of energy and enthusiasm! Quite alot was accomplished today! Lunch was served followed by the drawing. With the swag we recieved from NRS, 3M and the Classic Rosewood Inn there was enough swag that everyone got something! Thanks to our sponsers! After our lunch we had a kayak was a playboat! We used a canoe paddle for whacking. Too much fun! Thanks to everyone that came! The photos and video are from my camera but I gave it to Bryan Z to run down on the river while I held down the food. Thanks Bryan for the awesome photos! Also thanks Alex for the great videos! Check Bryan's blog out for his photos from the day Also Rosie has some great photos on her blog... Again thanks everyone and pray hard for some rain!

Alex took these videos. They show how to pull trash out of deep silt.


Bryan said...

Those videos are great - Way to Go Alex! I can't believe how well you can see Mike in the underwater one. I figured the murk would have made it impossible.

Bryan said...
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Rosie said...

What Bryan said :-)

I do like the one with Kathi and the shopping cart. It's like someone took the wrong turn in a parking lot and ended up in the park.

I also can't believe Mike would dive as much without nose and earplugs he sure is a brave one!