Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Red Wing Climbing!

Today was one of those days where there is no doubt that things happen for a reason. I took my friend Shirley up to teach her how to belay for me. I was pretty nervous as I would have to lead climb. As it turned out there were two nice young men just getting ready to climb Jenna's. We talked a bit and I asked if they would do me a favor and use my rope and just leave it up for top roping. It was great. Shirley did great belaying me and then she did what she said she wouldn't do. She climbed! And she did great!! It's the best feeling in the world to see someone discover a new passion. Esp. one that we can share! Shirley overheard the funniest thing while I was climbing. An older man was walking by with a woman and he saw us and said "That's a women's sport???" She said "YES..that's a womens sport!" What a great afternoon! BTW please pray for rain! I have only Friday off and I'd sooo love to hit the Verm!


Adorned7 said...

Hey Nora...Pam here. I wanted to stop and say hi and I linked you to my blog (just setting it up). Is that ok? Then I can keep up with you ...you whipper snapper!

Adorned7 said...

Oh yes and I am praying for rain...I'll add RW to the list!