Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bouldering at Midwest Mountaineering

I made a trip up to Midwest today and spent a bit of time in the cave. I haven't done much bouldering but I gave it a try. There was a young man bouldering there...he was very good! I'm always amazed at how just the littlest pointers help so much. So many fine nuances to climbing! Again there was the mental aspect. While bouldering without a spotter I was cautious. Joel offered to spot me and I went twice as far over the roof. Learned a little tonight and had fun. BTW the sales at Midwest are insane. I'm surprised I made it out of there without the Federal Government having to bailing me out. I may go back...I've been on an insane gear shopping binge. Not just gear but I've been doing home improvement also. Ahhhh well...It has to rain soon!

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