Sunday, October 05, 2008

Working Weekend and Keeping it Real

Photos by Kari Urban

I started my midnight shifts this Thursday night. All my rowdy friends went to rivers and I was feeling left behind. Nolan King had a glass blowing party so since I have aways been fascinated by glass blowing I was really looking forward to this. When I was in college I did alot of art. I had wished to keep with this line but life just didn't work that way for me. Glass blowing is something I really would like to try...hopefully this time I can work it out. I did pottery in college and I'm thinking it would be good to try that again. If there is one thing I have learned it's to try to do things you love for work. Your life will be much happier if you can. Check out Nolan's web site at and especially this page on his award winning snake walkway...incredible! Here's a link to the Nichka Glass Blowing studio

Sunday...I actually slept during the day. This midnight shift Boo has been keeping me up during the day making it very hard for me to function. I met up with my new climbing partners at the YMCA...old friends but new to climbing and loving it. This year at the Y the crack is my favorite climb. Everyone is doing fantastic! They're naturals at climbing! I'm looking forward to doing more of Barn Bluff. Maybe this week. Anyway even though I usually just sleep and work 12 hour shifts on the weekend I was able to get out and enjoy the things I love to do. Check out Bryan's Blog for what I missed...Looks like they had a blast!

Short update. I've checked the courses and it looks like I will be able to take a few each semester...this could be fun!


Bryan said...

Holy cow, that snake sidewalk is incredible! I had no idea he did stuff like that. Amazing.

Nora said...

It is amazing! The glass was very beautiful also! I have been wanting to add a cement waterfall to my pond. There is a recipe that uses vermiculite to lighten the weight of the cement and you use chicken wire to shape the falls. I want to look into those acid stains to use for coloring. I would love to do what he does for a living!

Rosie said...

WOW! That snake walkway is AMAZING!

The glass looks pretty cool too!

Again: I wished I had two lives. One for work, sleep and chores and the other entirely dedicated to playing!