Wednesday, October 15, 2008


With water being in local short supply I've been taking climbing classes. The anchors clinic and the knots clinic from the U of M. I've learned alot from them. This week our Tuesday night climbing group got a lead climbing clinic from me! I spent the majority of the two hours taking my partners thru lead climbing. Shirley and Todd have been really looking forward to leading up on Barn Bluff and both made it look easy. The surprise superstars of the night were Gabby, 11 and Olivia, 10. Both of Shirley's daughters have been climbing at the Y with us and show fantastic ability. Gabby tried leading and did super! Such a natural! The biggest suprise was Olivia! She asked if she could try and got the go ahead from her Mom. She made all the clips but couldn't quite get the beeners open on the chains...they were locking beeners so they were tough even for us adults. She's another natural climber! AJ too!
The young men that belay at the Y, Davis and Caleb, also got their first try at leading. Definately 100% class graduation! We also met another Red Wing native that's been climbing for 19 years but has been out of it since marriage and kids and his usual partner moving to Colorado. It was very good to meet Tony as he's very expeienced and wants to start climbing again. He also ice climbs and has done Nightfall several times. My goal for this winter is Nightfall. It's great to see all the enthusiasm for climbing!

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Tom Smart said...

Hi Nora,

Nightfall is on my list of climbs for this winter too. Please keep me in mind if you need a partner.