Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking for Lust in the Morning and Climbing with Snakes in the Afternoon!

Today was the most awesome day for climbing! This morning I met up with Richard, Ron and John. They're three awesome climbers so they were able to lead some harder routes today. I had my best climbing day to date today. I did Too Low for Zero which was really challenging. I gave Looking for Lust a try. And then I tried again and again. The start is very strenuous to say the least. I finally got by it and made it a bit better than half way up. My body by that time was shaking from the effort but I was happy with my progress. All of us had a great climbing day this morning! I ended up climbing alot of the climbs up there. Then after a break I hooked up with the Red Wing crew. Todd had his first lead on Jenna's and Nicole had her first climb on Jenna's. Todd heard something on the way up. He wasn't sure what. Nicole didn't hear anything. I made my climb and when I heard it I knew exactly what it was. I yelled down "That's a rattle snake in that crack!" I came right down and we pulled the rope and went to Dealers Choice. Todd led and we were joined by Davis and Caleb and Shirley. It was Caleb's first outdoor climb today also! Everyone did great on the second climb. I'm glad it worked out that way. Shirley said it best when she said it was just God's way of saying it was time for us to up our game. What a great day! Beautiful weather and fantastic climbing all around!

Ron leading Looking for Lust!

Me on Cinc Jour D'Affille

Todd's first outdoor lead!

Nicole's first outdoor climb

Todd leading Dealer's Choice

Shirley on Dealer's Choice


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you climbed Nora. We'll have to hit VE when I get back from DC in December.
-Ben C

Nora said...

Hi Ben!
I didn't know you climbed..give me a call and we can hit up VE. I hope DC is treating you well!