Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leading Ladies!

Sunday afternoon at the YMCA! There wasn't anyone climbing except Shirley, Gabby, Olivia and I for the first hour and a half. We were able to climb all we wanted. All of us did some lead climbing today. I'm looking forward to Shirley and her girls leading outdoors. Both are very talented natural climbers! Us matriarchs aren't too shabby also!


Rosie said...

Kathi and I are signed up for the Midwest classes 101 and 102. Wish us luck so we can all go climbing at VE this winter :-)

Nora said...

That's sooo great! Tell Carolyn I said hi! She's a fantastic teacher!! Right now until the end of October there is a sale on the ten punch cards at VE. Usually $100 they're now $80. I bought one this week..I wish I had the money for two. Let me know when you two will be up there.