Thursday, November 29, 2007

One More Post on Climbing

Yes I had to go back to VE today. I bought that cute little harness so I think I'm set for gear for awhile. Today I fell off the wall repeatedly. This was a good thing as I was trying routes that took me several tries to get. I can do 5.8 pretty well and some of the 5.9's. I tried a few 5.10 but I'll need ALOT more arm and hand strength to do those. I did incorporate some of the tiny holds on my routes up just to get the practice. I can tell this is something that is going to become a regular thing for me. I'm planning on taking a few of the classes up there this winter to learn more. My first class will be to learn to belay at the Y. Fun! One more note...there is a 20% discount on a ten punch card for VE in The Rake magazine. You can find them at coffee shops. It's a good deal!

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