Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Got Some Good Air and Hang Time!

Unfortunately it was on my rollerblades...oops! Tucked and rolled but the knee is missing some skin and a few other bruises to boot. I really love rollerblading and listening to music. I can just cruise and let my mind wander reliving past enjoyment and projecting future fun to be had. I believe the techincal term for this is "daydreaming". The path had just been trimmed of all the brush along the sides and no matter how good they cleaned up there were twiggs here and there on the trail. The combination of twilight and debris took me down. Right now I am finding myself extremely restless. Kayaking is pretty slow and snow kiting isn't here yet. I am relying on the YMCA and rollerblading for my exercise but it's just not the same. Maybe it's the people I'm missing! That said the last weekend of kayaking for me for quite awhile will be the weekend of the 17th. Lets hope for some good rain to bring up the levels or just head to the Louis.


Bryan said...

Hello from Norway! Just wanted to say hi and see if the little mark shows up on your tracking map.

See you soon

Bryan said...

By the way, I hope that your knee and various bruises are doing better. When I left the first comment I was rushing to get on a plane and didn't even have time to read the post. Hope all is well.

Nora said...

It's kind of better. It took quite a bit of skin off. I'm on day shift this week and I may be paddling after work this week. Depends on the OT situation. Otherwise I'm thinking of a road trip on Sat. Upper sound good?