Friday, November 23, 2007


Today I finally did something I have wanted to do for quite awhile. I would say the biggest thing holding me back in kayaking is my sight. The contacts I wear have been terrible and many times I have paddled thru rapids nearly blind trying to see what was coming up next. It's no wonder I feel more comfortable on rivers I really know and nervous as ever on those I don't. I try to memorise rapids and I tend to run the same lines each time and not take too many chances. Having read posts about others with this problem I know that the brand of contacts, Accuvue, I wore are by far the worst for this problem. I have tried goggles...I looked like a real geek and they didn't work, sunglasses..don't much work for me, SeaSpecs...still fog like everything else even with antifog on the lens. NOTHING I've tried has worked. Today I had my first eye done with the laser. It's a bit sore but not too bad. The wonderful thing is I can see!!! Truly an amazing thing!! My eye will heal up and I get my next eye done just before Christmas. This coming year is going to be great for kayaking!!


Jack said...

Hey Nora congrats on getting your eye(s) done! I hope it works out great for you...maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to do it, I hate glasses and contacts!

Nora said...

I think I've had more trouble with my contacts than most people because of the brand. If I wasn't kayaking I most likely wouldn't have gotten lasered. I didn't mind glasses or contacts but it's going to be very nice to be without...except for reading glasses. I'm on the second day after and my eye is irritated...not too bad. By tomorrow it should be even better. If you get a chance go for it. The day after my eye was 20/25 so I'm pretty happy with the first eye!

Bryan said...

Wow Nora, that's great. How long until your eyes are all healed up and ready for pool sessions?

Nora said...

Hey Bryan,
The Doc said only a week! I'll wear the goggles I bought though. They worked great for keeping water out of my eye today when I showered. My next eye gets done on the 23rd of Dec. I scheduled them for the holidays and my long days off of work. Meantime I'm trying to figure out where to go hiking today without getting shot by hunters! I may just go to the YMCA and try the climbing wall instead. It sure is a beautiful day to waste inside! I wish I could go play the Verm but...sigh...oh well... it'll be there for New Years Eve!