Sunday, November 25, 2007

King Lines

Or maybe I'm amazed would be a good title for this post. Since I am banned from water sports until my eye heals and the woods are full of hunters I decided to try the climbing wall at the Y. I did this once about three years ago and liked it but never pursued it further. Today I amazed myself to find that I did have the upper body strength to climb. I have to attribute that to all the kayaking I do. It felt great to do the corner and the overhangs. The hardest overhang I couldn't grab the last hand hold though. I will need to pick up some climbing shoes and being female maybe a cute little climbing outfit to go with...just kidding. The Sandstone Ice Fest is coming up and I have been intriuged by ice climbing ever since I saw the clip of Dan ice climbing. I've signed up for the Intro to Ice Climbing on the 7th so I want to have my climbing muscles in shape by then. I'll be back on Tuesday at the Y for another round. I've never saw myself as a climber but this could turn into something very interesting. It will mesh well with my other sports. BTW...Midwest is showing King Lines Monday night. I already saw it at Banff and it's a good flick.


bnorrgar said...

Keep up the's always a good time! I'll bring you climbing outside this spring.

Nora said...

Hey Burgess! I thought about you and Andy when I tried this. I'm going to keep it up as much as I can this winter. There are a few more lines with much smaller holds I want to try. The tennis shoes I was wearing didn't do much good on those lines. This is going to be FUN! I was really surprised to find I had the strength to do this! I guess you never know until you try something! I'm still looking forward to river skiing this winter! Slpit Rock is my have to do river!