Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vertical Endeavors

Well I picked up some I need a cute little harness to go with...gear...gotta love it! Then I headed over to VE. Russell gave me the orientation and tour and I started climbing. So many routes and it wasn't too crowded at all. It took me a bit to trust the auto belay system but it does work very well! I spent an hour and a half there today and I am seriously thinking about a return trip tomorrow. Oh yeah I can tell I'll be there when it opens tomorrow. Just another addiction, what can I say? Today went well. I climbed the routes marked 5.7 to 5.9 using a combination of the routes. Not once did I fall off the wall but there was one time I quit close to the top. I met two super ladies close to my age and plan on hooking up with them in the future for climbing. I am really impressed with the amount of women that climb! In Red Wing Tuesday night it was just four of us ladies and Nicholle's son climbing. I must say the ladies do very well! BTW shoes made a huge difference!!!!

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