Monday, December 03, 2007

Beautiful Morning

Working the odd shift that I do I get to see things not normally seen by the 9 to 5 people. On my way home from midnight shift there was a beautiful cloud of man made snow billowing up from Welch this morning. The sunrise was just begining and the sky was a dark blue with a base of sunrise red rising from the horizon line. So much promise to be read. I'm picking up my Telemark skis tonight on my way to work tonight.


Rosie said...

Cool! I know what you mean by seeing fun things on the commute. I saw the first sun dogs of the season yesterday. I am always excited about those! Hope to post a picture this evening.

Happy Belated Birthday! How was Zorongo?

Nora said...

Just another year gone by...but it was a really good year! Zorongo was good also! They always are!