Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spoiled...I Love It!

Lake Pepin has to be just the best place for kiting...and it's close to home for me. The ice is thick and covered with about 3 to 4 inches of fluffy snow. No tracks of any kind and just smooth for as long as you can see. Kiting today went great even though the wind died a bit too quickly for my kite. Sometimes...sometimes bigger is not only better but necessary. All in all I'm looking forward to another round tomorrow! If you're kiting Pepin...You're definitely spoiled!


Jack said...

Cool pics Nora! The "from the kiters perspective"...did you take those??
How much wind did you have? There was nothing, here :(


Nora said...

Hi Jack, Yep those kite perspective shots are mine. I had my camera on my wrist and took them while skiing. The wind was light..maybe 8mph but it was steady. Pete was flying the black, blue, and white foil kite. Tomorrow the wind looks like it's going to build starting around noon so I'll be back out again. It sounds like there's going to be a bigger crew out tomorrow on Pepin.

Bryan said...

Hey Nora - sweet shots. I'm jealous, though Kim and I had a great time at Afton today. I think that due to time constraints I'm going to head to the Bear tomorrow. Best of wind to you down on Pepin!

Nora said...

I kind of figured it'd be too far for you. I may make it up to Da Bear on Tuesday. I'll let you know if I can. Have a Happy New Years!!