Friday, December 07, 2007

Everything is Better Outside!

Oh yeah! I did my first outdoor climb today and it was during the Intro to Ice Climbing class. Everyone was so nice and real! I know I have an addictive personality and I know also what I like. Climbing has really caught my fancy and ice climbing today was WOW! Loved it! So much I added to my tools! Now I just need boots and crampons and I'm ready to go. Oh yes...and a rope..oh and...etc..etc..etc.. When you freefall into a new sport money seems to fly outta yer pockets! There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor climbing. Today I loved the challenge of making or discovering my holds. The Sandstone Ice Festival continues on Saturday and Sunday...don't miss it...Tony and Greg have done a fantastic job setting this up. BTW...I wear size 8 1/2 mens boots if anyone has a spare pair to sell.

These last photos are of me climbing two different flows.


Rosie said...


Clearly you needed to add another addiction! Eventually you'll have enough of them in your quiver to have a habit for every possible weather condition :-)

Ivan Bartha said...

Bummer I missed you. Some of my staff were there on Friday and I came up on Saturday. Tony and Greg really pulled off a cool event! Keep up the climbing!

By the way, there is lots of used boots and crampons floating around. If I see a good deal I will let you know!

Nora said...

I met Brody and Angie when I first arrived...they had a Jackson sticker on the back of their car! Nice people! They said you were coming on Sat. Next year I hope to make it the whole weekend!
Rosie I think I have all I need right now for addictions. I'm done searching (I hope!) Now I just need to find the time to do all of it. Why oh why do I have to work??? Oh yeah that's right...see's a never ending circle.

Steve said...

Hey, Nora. Nice to see your pics. I'm the guy from VE who got you your ice climbing gear on Friday: Steve, aka Doctor_Rock. Glad you had such a great time! See you in the gym. --Steve

Nora said...

Hi Steve!
How's Holly? Yes it was a great time! I definatly have plans in the making! See you at VE.

Tom said...

I have a pair of asolo boots with a set of stubai mountaineering crampons that I can let go for cheap email me @ I can send you some pictures of them.