Sunday, December 23, 2007

Verm Ice Conditions Today

The Verm doesn't look too good for a New Years paddle this year. Maybe the Kinnikinic would be a beautiful option. There are a couple of stern squirt spots and lots of winter scenery.


Rosie said...

Great pictures! Also from the skiing?

Do you skate? I have a lot of fun doing that on natural ice...So glad I can walk to Lake of the Isles, which has a warming house to boot! Can I tempt you?

Merry Christmas!!!

Nora said...

Sorry Rosie...I don't much skate...I don't even have skates. But I will be coming to the cities to kite this winter if you'd like to join me then. Think about the's just a fun beautiful paddle with nothing more gnar than avoiding some strainers and rocks.
Have a Merry Christmas!