Monday, July 07, 2008

Sturgeon Falls!

Happy Independence Day! I was fortunate to be able to make another trip to Sturgeon Falls this year. It was 30,000cfs BIGGER than when I went on Memorial Day and it was awesome. I didn't realize the difference until I dropped onto Triple S and looked down from the foam pile trying to decide if I wanted to go in that or not. Chamelion was just a green wave...a big fun speed bump on your way to Triple S. The wash out behind the island was challenging to say the least. If you caught it right you had friendly huge whirlpools to express your way back to the island. If you went too far it got kind of ugly. That was huge water! I went up with Burgess and Scotty and joined other Minnesotans, Jack, Mike and Melissa, Jeremiah, Missy and Tina. We met Canadiens that had traveled from Calgary and Edmonton the first day there. After meeting them I have a real desire to travel more of Canada. Sturgeon is so beautiful and even though there were annoying jet skis infringing on nature, nature still rules. We met some of the Winnipeg locals also. Very good people for sure! Burgess and Scotty were rocking Surfers and Triple S. Scotty caught several good surfs on Big Mouth throwing blunts and making it look easy. The easiest way back to camp was to just ferry out above and drop down thru the meat of it all. Taking the green tounge into the waves between Big Mouth and Surfers. That was something to drop into! I chose NOT to catch Big Mouth but Burgess and Scotty did! Wow...maybe next year for me. I feel Blessed to be able to make this trip two times with great friends this year! I guess I can say I am satisfied with long distance traveling for now and am content to stay to the home waters for a bit. I'm thinking this fall there may just be one or two long trips scheduled. We'll have to see how things work out.

Our neighbor...a bear trap!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nora, Nice pics!!! Looks like fun. About those "long distance" trips in the fall. Team Pabst is heading out to ASCI in Maryland if you want to join us. Sept 10th-14th.


Nora said...

Oh soooo tempting. I have alot of work that weekend...let me see what I can scam...shift changes and what such. See ya at Wausau on the 27th?

Anonymous said...

thinking august 2nd

Nora said...

I'll be there also, but not on the 10th.